Just in Time for Dinner

The Random Cafe caters to those who have varied tastes at various times of the day. Every now and then they will serve a special dinner and invitations are highly prized but impossible to receive by asking. Ben, our antihero, hates these dinners. But our lady hero, Arabella, loves them. She's been officially invited since... Continue Reading →

The Waste

Benji didn't like to be seen outside of the cafe. He didn't like existing outside of the cafe. The world outside chafed at all his senses. Especially his sense of smell. There was no getting around the smell of the city, unwashed bodies and refuse in the streets. He'd even been forced to pass the... Continue Reading →

Suspicious Red Velvet Cake

The death technically did not occur inside the Random Cafe. A man collapsed as he reached for the door handle. He was unconscious before his head hit a strategically placed rock. Across the street, a young man finished his cigarette, adjusted his coat, and meandered over to the dead man. The young man dragged the... Continue Reading →

A Unicorn Attacks Convenience Store

There is blood mixed with cereal under the unforgiving fluorescents. A unicorn, summoned Or simply created, Went rampaging through our convenience store. No one is dead but one is severely injured. Now we have to clean up everything before day-shift arrives.

The Magical Mystery Muffin

A Random Cafe Story He didn't mean to create a magic muffin. But he did and now he needed to sell it. Even though he had no idea what it would do to the customer. Ah, his star customer is here. She'll try anything he creates. Should he present it to her himself? No, she'd... Continue Reading →

Runaway, Can’t Run Away

I get a little lost in the cup of tea, You made for me. I taste it and remember The first time I came to this place. I nearly added my usual cubes of sugar But the waitress said, "This was made especially for you. Try it first." I was slightly terrified for an instant.... Continue Reading →

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