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Weekly Pieces: May 22nd

I saw my first production of Don Giovanni yesterday! I’m a little conflicted. The music and singing were amazing. The film noir setting worked really well. But they changed the ending. I understand why because the dramatic dragging into Hell doesn’t really work with film noir but the way it went down seemed a little anticlimactic. 

My editing continues. I’ve found another piece I might keep. But I could have been tired from all the red marking I was doing previously. I choose to be optimistic. 

Thank you for reading! Have a great week.


When I hear your maniacal laugh 

I suddenly remember that there are darker aspects of you

I know I shouldn’t forget

But it is easy when you use that charming smile and voice

When you open the door for me

So I will try not to forget your darker side this time

Bugs and Mirrors


I can’t see the bugs all over my skin when I look in the mirrors.

And I have to ignore the “imaginary” voices when the doctor voices start coming through the speaker box.

There’s a nice girl who tells me not to worry so much about the bugs. They’ll go away when I stop thinking about them. I don’t think she’s real but I still like it when she visits.


Source: Pinterest

He told me to go collect some seashells. When I came back home, he was long gone. 

Weekly Pieces: May 8th

Weekly Pieces Spring

Last week I met a particular human, we spoke for three hours, and now I have a crush on him.

Dang it.

It was inevitable because he is both cute and nice.

Plus he loves to read.

I didn’t have a chance. I just didn’t.

But other than that…

I’ve started my Egypt research because a main character in another story is quite fascinated by Egyptian religion.

I’ve also been editing my 2nd draft. A lot of rewriting needs to be done. Writing the 3rd draft is going to be beastly.

My Easter candy is running out though. I have to make it last as long as possible. (It might last the week but most likely it will not.)

Thank you for reading, have a great week!

Inner Storm

Your inner storm

Called to me

The lightning inside you

Sent my heart racing

But then I broke

Too soft to ride out the pain

I left

To rebuild myself again

Suspicious Red Velvet Cake


The death technically did not occur inside the Random Cafe.

A man collapsed as he reached for the door handle. He was unconscious before his head hit a strategically placed rock.

Across the street, a young man finished his cigarette, adjusted his coat, and meandered over to the dead man. The young man dragged the older man inside and added his blood to the not-yet-baked red velvet cake.

Weekly Pieces: May Plans!

Weekly Pieces Spring

May is kind of a special month…

I’ll be doing multiple posts about Tanith Lee because she’s my favorite author and May is the anniversary of her death and writing posts about her books makes me feel better. She wrote over 90 novels and 200 short stories. I’ve read a significant chunk of them at this point but luckily I haven’t read them all. And some of her less recent work is being republished which is very helpful.

My Retro Reread for May is The Gods Are Thirsty by Tanith Lee. One of my top ten historical fiction books of all time, it is set during the French Revolution.

I’ll be editing my second draft and working on other projects I’ve thought of.

It is also the two year anniversary of my blog!

Thank you for joining me so far!


I’m tired,



Because I’m fighting the weeds,

Not you.

Blackberry and Coconut Shampoo

He chews on his lip ring when he’s thinking.

I’ve started to see the difference between the tattoos he’s done himself

Versus his brothers’ practice art.

I love that all his tattoos have color.

He’s started using my blackberry and coconut shampoo.

He says it’s because he’s too lazy to buy more of his own

But I found his under the sink, hiding behind the cleaning supplies.

It makes me smile.