Running into Walls

A vicious cycle opened up old wounds But smelly pus came out And every treatment was ineffective Because I couldn't leave Until I could replace that job Thankfully I did Or I'd be dead Or in prison Wishing I was dead

Five Thousand Years Later

I'll respond to his fetal position reaction to My Freudian Slip of a marriage proposal A thousand years or more from now. I'm also having issues answering the question: "Is this Good?" What does Good mean? Keep you up at night, Make you think; A bitter, A sweet Taste on the tongue? I didn't vomit... Continue Reading →

June Plans!

First, writing! I'm working on the 3rd draft of my debut novel and I'll be tracking my hours through the CampNaNoWriMo website. Although I'm not sure how I will be verifying those hours... With this third draft, quality will be the priority over quantity so I felt that a daily hourly goal would be better.... Continue Reading →

I Miss Winter a Little

Snowy streets Enough to play in Enough to dance in But the sun could melt it tomorrow I don't want to resist the urge To twirl around in plaid skirt, navy tights, and red boots Or to taste the spice filled pastries Dusted with powdered sugar And if he places a warm mug in my... Continue Reading →

Just in Time for Dinner

The Random Cafe caters to those who have varied tastes at various times of the day. Every now and then they will serve a special dinner and invitations are highly prized but impossible to receive by asking. Ben, our antihero, hates these dinners. But our lady hero, Arabella, loves them. She's been officially invited since... Continue Reading →


Our re-connection was an accident I was reckless with my laughter and smiles Afterwards I realized Because you made me laugh and smile I let you into my heart But I can't act on that Can't allow these feelings to grow But I know better than that I can cage my heart Make that cage... Continue Reading →

Midnight Moonstone

My face and hands are gritty From my journey Bus stop to your front door My friend It feels good To talk through the night Pillow fight And fall asleep Past midnight With moonstones Swinging in the window

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