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Full Speed Ahead

Is easy to say

But not as easy to maintain

Because his feelings could change

And I won’t be able to slow down in time

Inner Storm

Your inner storm

Called to me

The lightning inside you

Sent my heart racing

But then I broke

Too soft to ride out the pain

I left

To rebuild myself again


I’m tired,



Because I’m fighting the weeds,

Not you.

Winter Ocean

The sea, too cold to

swim in but impossible

to stay away from.


Lines Blur

Lines blur


We are creating a language for just us two

Despite our own objections


The limerence has taken hold.

I felt it creeping up on me

But thought I could get free in time.

As it swallows me,

I stop worrying 

Because I’m not really thinking anymore.


A taste that can stain your clothes

As well as your mouth

But resistance is futile

When these berries are ripe

Citrus Sunrise


The smell of cinnamon

Is like a spell.

I rise,

Before I’ve fully


To find you in the


Your skin lit up

By the citrus sunrise.

Shades of Grey

My broken heart

Turned the world to grey.

But my dreams stayed in color

So I could fix my world,

Piece by piece.



Is not in his design

But emotion fills my every cell

And I can’t resist a chance to drain all of that out.

I’m tired of lying about how I really feel.