Ten Count Volumes 1-3 Thoughts

***This post will contain spoilers and discussion of mature content.***

So I read the third volume on Valentine’s Day and I didn’t like it and returned it, thus this post.

The first volume was fabulous. I loved the characters right away and I really liked them as a couple. And even though it had an explicit warning on the cover there actually wasn’t any mature content. They didn’t even kiss (although there was an almost kiss, tee hee). Honestly, I was genuinely fine with this. I prefer the cuter side of yaoi. Also, I was on board for the plot and that last scene, where they shake hands and Kurose says goodbye forever and just rides away, made me cry.

The second volume was a bit more than I was prepared for (This volume did deserve the explicit warning. Their relationship goes to the sexual level rather quickly and both penises are out, although their testicles were missing.) but I was still rooting for the characters and there was still a plot I was willing to follow.

But that third volume… A whole lot of awkwardness occurred. Basically, the plot was that Shirotani kept getting overstimulated so oral sex then Shirotani gets a cold, Kurose freaks out a little (that was adorable!) but then the scene was ruined by some dominance stuff that made me uncomfortable. And it all pretty much devolved into an introduction to anal sex. Also, there was a snippet that seemed to be trying to explain why Shirotani is a germaphobe. He accidentally witnesses his father  having sex with one of his students. That would be traumatizing but I’m not sure it explains being a germaphobe. We also still haven’t gotten any background on Kurose. In summary, this volume didn’t have plot, character, or relationship development.

Basically, I was given some reasons to be cautious in volume 2 and then volume 3 convinced me this series is not for me. So I’m a little sad because volume 1 was so fabulous and had a lot of potential but now I can move on to other things.

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