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When I hear your maniacal laugh 

I suddenly remember that there are darker aspects of you

I know I shouldn’t forget

But it is easy when you use that charming smile and voice

When you open the door for me

So I will try not to forget your darker side this time

Bugs and Mirrors


I can’t see the bugs all over my skin when I look in the mirrors.

And I have to ignore the “imaginary” voices when the doctor voices start coming through the speaker box.

There’s a nice girl who tells me not to worry so much about the bugs. They’ll go away when I stop thinking about them. I don’t think she’s real but I still like it when she visits.


Source: Pinterest

He told me to go collect some seashells. When I came back home, he was long gone. 

Suspicious Red Velvet Cake


The death technically did not occur inside the Random Cafe.

A man collapsed as he reached for the door handle. He was unconscious before his head hit a strategically placed rock.

Across the street, a young man finished his cigarette, adjusted his coat, and meandered over to the dead man. The young man dragged the older man inside and added his blood to the not-yet-baked red velvet cake.

Blackberry and Coconut Shampoo

He chews on his lip ring when he’s thinking.

I’ve started to see the difference between the tattoos he’s done himself

Versus his brothers’ practice art.

I love that all his tattoos have color.

He’s started using my blackberry and coconut shampoo.

He says it’s because he’s too lazy to buy more of his own

But I found his under the sink, hiding behind the cleaning supplies.

It makes me smile.

Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time

She left home

Because it hurt to stay

She took a train

And met a fellow traveler

With a suitcase and heart

Just as battered

They became fast friends

But were forced to go on separate adventures

They needed to find themselves

Before they could find each other again

And they did

Friendship joined with enduring love

In the end

A Spell-book Collection

Arin looked to her spell-books for comfort. A good portion of them had been filled with her experiments, failures and successes. Others on the shelf were written by witches who liked to experiment too. Arin’s mother and aunts had no patience for magic like that. They wanted books with tried and true spells. Their cookbooks were the ones they filled with experiments.

Fabric Heaps

Surrounded by scraps fabric

Lying in abandoned heaps,

Opal didn’t know where to start.

Yesterday she had put this mess off

But today she had to make room for people she didn’t like.

“Let’s begin.”


Jogging through the forest,

Faster than he thought he could go,

Belly bouncing up and down.

He had to find his friend.

He also hoped the lingering smell of sausage and mustard on his clothes

Wouldn’t identify him as prey.

Eaten by his best friend…

What a bad way to go.

April Fool

I remember

Back then we served as servants for kings

Our pay was good when it came

We learned to stretch it out

But there came a day

Of parties and humiliation

You were pushed too far

And my darling

My beloved

I nearly died to save you

And we left the hall ablaze

Their screams shaking the rafters