Gundam Seed Episode 17: Payback


When Waltfeld attacks Tassil he does destroy their food supplies and stockpiles of weapons but he doesn’t kill anyone. (There are a few who get injured though.)

In response the young Desert Dawn people go after Waltfeld’s force. Not wise. Most of them die then Kira catches up to the survivors and defeats Waltfeld’s troops. But then he gets out of the Strike and gives Cagalli a piece of his mind about how stupid she was to go after the ZAFT group. He also smacks her.

Honestly they were pretty stupid. The situation was pretty bad though. They felt powerless in the face of their families not having food and shelter. I do feel like they should have focused on their feelings of relief at their family members being alive. But I can understand why they were upset and decided to go after Waltfeld.

Gundam Seed Episode 16: Cagalli Returns


And thank goodness, Cagalli and Kira reunite. Cagalli has flaws (including an anger management problem) but I love her. I think she’s an amazing female character.

Desert Dawn helps Kira blow up Waltfeld’s attack force and he withdraws. The Archangel and Desert Dawn decide to team up for mutual benefit.

I love that Waltfeld is a coffee snob. His relationship with Dacosta is also pretty funny too.

But what isn’t fun is the fight between Sai and Kira over Flay. This is definitely indicative of where Kira’s head is at. She’s not worth it, guys.

Then Waltfeld attacks the town where Desert Dawn’s families live.

Gundam Seed Episode 15: Burning Clouds of Sand


I’m going to focus on something that was different in the remastered version I watched through the Gundam Info channel on YouTube.

The Archangel has arrived on Earth. Cagalli and her friends from Desert Dawn are observing as well as Waltfeld and the ZAFT forces he commands.

Then the Archangel is under attack.

Kira gets up from his bunk leaving Flay, who we can tell is naked under the sheet, to go fight. We can pretty much guess what has happened between them even if we aren’t shown.

In the remastered version we do get blink-and-you-miss-it snippets of Kira flashing back to having sex with Flay while he is battling. This helped me understand his mental state better. I felt like it was important to be shown this emotional conflict inside him. He’s just been through this awful moment with the refugees being blown up right in front of him. He’s also feeling very alone. Then you have Flay comforting him and it takes that extra step to intimacy. Kira’s had a crush on her for a long time. Whether this is their first time having sex at all or not it is still a very emotional thing between them. And she was unofficially with Sai before this.

Keeping all that emotional soup in mind helped me understand why Kira is so angry and aggressive as he launches and as he battles. Having those snippets added more emotional complexity to the scene.

Gundam Seed Episode 14: The Respective Solitudes


The first part of this episode is dedicated to reviewing the first few episodes then we get information about George Glenn, the first Coordinator. We also find out about the “Whale Stone” which comes from Jupiter and looks like a whale with wings.

And back to the Archangel trying to go through Earth’s atmosphere. Kira is in the strike but they aren’t entering in the same place so the Archangel has to change its trajectory to save him. So they end up landing in the desert, in the middle of ZAFT territory. Kira has to recover from reentry because his cockpit got really hot. Flay is determined to take care of him and pretty much dumps Sai. Flay also gives Kira back the flower that the little girl gave to him. Then she holds him while he cries. And her face is so evil. More cringing from me and telling Kira to run. He’s so vulnerable and she is so scary.

But we also catch a glimpse of Cagalli and Dacosta and that made me happy. Waltfeld is such a fabulous character so I’m looking forward to his episodes.

Gundam Seed Episode 13: Stars Falling in Space


So Flay hugs Kira then they chat then she kisses him. During that whole sequence I was cringing and telling Kira to run away. Even though he is in space and there’s no gravity. Also, he’s fictional. (Side note: I am perpetually fascinated by how they get around the ship in zero gravity.)

Battle commences and the Archangel is ordered to descend to Earth.

But the shuttle full of Heliopolis refugees gets between Yzak and Kira and Yzak destroys it.

Gundam Seed Episode 12: Flay’s Decision


The Archangel rendezvouses with the Lunar Fleet and Kira and his friends have a choice to make about whether or not they are going to stay with the Archangel or if they are going back to Orb.

Flay decides to enlist and after that so do Sai, Miriallia, Tolle, and Kuzzey. Then they have to go find Kira to tell him that he can make the choice to stay or go.

But of course he has to stay because they are staying. That’s how this whole situation got started. And really we wouldn’t have a story if they all traipsed back to Orb to join their families.

And the little girl gives Kira a flower as a thank you present. Makes my heart burst.

Gundam Seed Episode 11: The Awakening Sword


Kira is on trial but he gets off because he’s a civilian.

Dearka and Yzak plan to attack the Archangel. They are mean to Nicol because he expresses concern about how much time they’ll have.

Athrun and Lacus talk. She notes how unhappy he is and he replies, “I can’t exactly fight a war with a smile on my face.”

Crazy Flay has come out to play. She nearly crushes that little girl’s hand!

Space battle!

And Kira’s Seed activates!

Yzak’s face gets pretty badly injured.

That Seed animation makes me giggle every single time. Even though it tends to happen during these really intense battle sequences. I love the colors and this exploding seed pod thing. I enjoy it.

We learn this later but SEED stands for Superior Evolutionary Element Destined – Factor.

Gundam Seed Episode 10: Crossroads


This episode was a little rough. Flay freaks out because she lost her dad. Then she lashes out at Kira in a very hateful way.

But Lacus and Kira talk. They both admit that they both know Athrun. And then Kira decides to return her to ZAFT.

Sai and Miriallia decide to help Kira but they also make him promise to return.

As Kira passes Lacus over to Athrun they talk. Athrun wants him to come to ZAFT but Kira’s friends are still on the Archangel and he has to protect them.

That was so hard to watch.

But as Athrun returns with Lacus to the ZAFT ship Le Creuset launches to attack and Mu launches to counterattack. Lacus doesn’t sit back though. She demands that Le Creuset return and not make this a battlefield. Le Creuset is obviously frustrated but withdraws.

I love Lacus, I think she is a fabulous character.

Gundam Seed Episode 9: The Fading Light


Three ships come to escort the Archangel to the rest of the Lunar Fleet. On one of the ships is Flay’s dad.

That’s when Le Creuset’s team attacks again. Flay freaks out and drags Lacus to the bridge threatening to kill her if ZAFT doesn’t back off but her father’s ship explodes right in front of her.

As the situation worsens Badgiruel makes the decision to use Lacus as a bargaining chip and ZAFT backs off.

Athrun gets mad at Kira, “What monsters they are!” And Kira is struggling because he doesn’t even remotely agree with what Badgiruel did. When he tells Mu what he’s feeling, Mu gets a little testy. “We are weak. Therefore, we can’t judge the officers on the bridge.”

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