Even though I'm terrified I want to meet his eyes Because I want him to know I mean what I say


We've laid the foundation So we can't walk away Especially someone tells us "no" But it is sad that we can't be open And we have to hide on this rickety bridge Vibrating because of traffic But I'll take this over nothing And I can wait for this dry spell to end Because I do... Continue Reading →

Gundam Seed Episode 47: The Final Light

This is the second to last episode... and things get pretty bad. I will focus on the Archangel versus the Dominion. And Badgiruel versus Azrael. So Badgiruel doesn't like Azrael from the start. She feels like he's way too bloodthirsty and hateful. She doesn't agree that all Coordinators should be eradicated. But she is forced... Continue Reading →

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