Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan



Two guys named Will Grayson meet in Chicago and their lives take unexpected turns after that. Also, there’s an epic musical.

We get both Wills perspectives. One is a little more put together than the other but he does have a best friend named Tiny who is not tiny at all. He’s a rather large football player, he’s gay, and he’s written a musical that he will also be starring in.

The other Will is coping with depression. He’s gay and he’s okay with it but he isn’t comfortable projecting that information.

They are both rude and irreverent. The first Will is a little more wise, the second a little more cynical. I really like both of them and Tiny.

This book was intimidating to me at first but I liked both Wills so I kept going. I liked that we one Will who has depression and is at that stage where he is coping with it. There are good books about teens experiencing depression and eventually getting help but I was happy to see this because we can see someone who knows he has depression and now he’s living with it.

It all felt real and raw but also very hopeful. I did like this one a lot. I do recommend for those who are into young adult contemporary.


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