July Confessions and August Plans


In July: I worked at my library job (and got a promotion! Yay! Even though I totally missed the train and the bus and I had to have someone come save me while I tried not to vomit after all that running in the heat. Besides being out of shape. I probably need to make some better exercise goals for August).

The rest of my time was taken up with writing my 3rd draft and rereading Harry Potter. I’m not done with my 3rd draft. Technically I haven’t even gotten to my novel yet but I wanted to play around with my characters when they were younger and forced to be in school. I feel like I’ve gotten to know them better.

But I didn’t get Persuasion or The Sword of Shannara done in July so I’ll just keep reading them in August and hopefully I can get to the other books I previously planned to read. In summary, I’ll still be writing my 3rd draft but reading will be a slightly higher priority in August. Gotta recharge.

I’m debating about anime. After finishing Gundam Seed the next step should probably be to watch Gundam Seed Destiny but, man-oh-man, Gundam Seed Destiny will be a rough emotional ride so I’m a little scared to get started on that. Besides I’ll have to binge-watch it and I’m already behind on my reading. So… it’ll happen but it might not be for a little while.


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