Gundam Seed Episode 48: To an Endless Future


Last episode!

Battle continues!

Kira versus Le Creuset

Kira responds to Le Creuset’s taunting, “My strengths aren’t the only things that make me who I am.”

And then Le Creuset destroys the shuttle from the Dominion, Flay dies.

But her soul is able to talk to Kira for a few minutes so they have some closer.

Cagalli and Athrun decide to take on Genesis.

Patrick Zala’s subordinates are getting a bit nervous in response to his bloodthirsty-ness. One person speaks out directly saying that they don’t need to fire Genesis again. Patrick Zala shoots him but doesn’t kill him and the subordinate shoots Patrick Zala back. He dies in Athrun’s arms.

Unfortunately, he activated the self-detonation sequence for the base, which will also activate Genesis, before he died.

Athrun is tempted to self-detonate to prevent Genesis from being able to fire. But Cagalli prevents him.

Le Creuset is defeated and Genesis explodes.

And Kira, Lacus, Cagalli, and Athrun make it through alive. But they did drag out the tension at the end so that we would suspect that Kira didn’t make it. I totally fell for it, again.

But he does make it. He’s just floating dramatically in space with pieces of machinery surrounding him, waiting for his friends to come get him.

This anime still deserves its place in my top ten and it was fun to watch some of my favorite characters again. Even though it makes me cry, it also makes me laugh; and once I start rewatching it, I have a hard time doing anything else until I’m done.

Thanks for coming on this ride with me. The next big ride will probably be a rewatch of Gundam Seed Destiny. But I’m hesitant to do it too soon because that is an emotional roller coaster too.



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