Gundam Seed Episode 36: Decisive Fire


This episode marks the first interaction with the new Earth Force’s Gundam pilots who were introduced in the opening a few episodes ago. Calamity’s pilot likes books, Raider’s pilot likes handheld games, and Forbidden’s pilot likes music. That is the limit of their character development.

Kuzzey decides to leave the Archangel. I feel bad for saying it but he really wasn’t that pivotal of a character and I’m not really that depressed to see him go.

The “Orb Sunrise Girl” billboard made me giggle.

Murrue and Mu have their first kiss. I was clapping and laughing like a seal.

But unfortunately the battle between the Earth Forces and Orb begins.

We catch a glimpse of Shinn’s family evacuating. A nice little cameo.

Then we have Dearka deciding to help the Archangel fight the Earth Forces presumably because he’s developed some small feeling for Miriallia.

And Athrun comes swooping in from space in the Justice!


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