Gundam Seed Episode 32: Seen and Unseen


Flay, Badgiruel, and Mu are reassigned away from the Archangel.

But Mu decides to go back to the Archangel and he’s doing just that when ZAFT attacks.

Le Creuset gets inside, he and Mu have an altercation which also reveals to Mu that the higher level Earth Forces officers plan on activating Cyclops which will blow up the base and surrounding area to destroy the ZAFT forces.

We also have a weird interaction between Flay and Le Creuset. And he decides to take her with him.

Up in the PLANTS, Lacus takes Kira to a ZAFT mobile suit hangar so that he can pilot the newest Gundam, the Freedom.

“Go with all my strength,” Lacus says and kisses Kira on the cheek.

Kira launches.

And passes the shuttle carrying Athrun back to the PLANTS.


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