Gundam Seed Episode 30: In the Promised Land


It is a bit unrealistic that both Kira and Athrun survived the big explosion but I’m glad they did. (The anime wouldn’t work without them anyway.)

But the interesting incident is with Miriallia. She is having trouble sleeping after losing Tolle. Sai takes her to the medical room where Dearka still happens to be, unsupervised.

Dearka hits a little too close to home when he taunts her and Miriallia attacks him. Sai and Flay come in. Flay grabs a gun and aims it at Dearka. Then Miriallia tackles her preventing Flay from shooting Dearka.

“You’re just like me!”

“I’m nothing like you.”

Is their ending exchange.

Flay has prejudices against Coordinators. Miriallia snapped and lost control of her temper.


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