Five Thousand Years Later

I’ll respond to his fetal position reaction to

My Freudian Slip of a marriage proposal

A thousand years or more from now.

I’m also having issues answering the question:

“Is this Good?”

What does Good mean?

Keep you up at night,

Make you think;

A bitter,

A sweet

Taste on the tongue?

I didn’t vomit when I met that Thing on the street…

Is that Good?

Let me turn this around.

When you visit the Louvre,

Do you run from famous to famous

Or do you linger in a room

Fascinated for hours?

Do you already have a route

Or are prepared to wander and be surprised

For better or worse?

Please don’t ask me what is Good.

I won’t look you in the eye

But I’ll ask you,

“How do you define Good?”


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