Gundam Seed Episode 25: Endless Rondo


Mostly this is a review episode.

So here are some thoughts. We get a new opening song, “Believe” which I really like. It’s tied with “Invoke” the first opening sung by T.M. Revolution.

But I would like to mention a few things about that opening animation. They kick Nicol out of the ZAFT pilot montage. He’s not dead yet, people! We also get introduced to three Gundam pilots and Gundams that we won’t see for a few more episodes. Jumping the gun.

Next, we learn what SEED stands for: Superior Evolutionary Element Destined – Factor. The Morgenroete worker, narrating this experience, explains that this is a factor only possessed by certain Coordinators who are allegedly supposed to lead humanity to an ideal future.

This is a little awkward because so far the exploding seed in Kira and Athrun’s heads has happened during times of battle stress and the experience has been compared to the Berserkers of ancient myth being really nice normally and then snapping during battle. Also, Siegel Clyne pointed out that Coordinators didn’t evolve. And due to finding out that Coordinators have trouble with fertility in later generations I’m led to believe that Coordinators can’t really evolve. Later we find out that Kira was born under special circumstances. That might explain him but it doesn’t explain Athrun or Lacus.


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