Gundam Seed Episode 24: The Land of Peace


And we get right into a battle! The Archangel is fighting ZAFT right next to Orb.

Orb sends out its forces to keep them from entering their territory. Cagalli reveals her true identity!

ZAFT forces retreat temporarily while Orb takes the Archangel in.

Lord Uzumi, Cagalli’s father, comes to talk to the officers and Kira agrees to help Morgenroete, Inc with their research.

And Athrun’s team sneaks into Orb because they need to verify whether or not the Archangel is there.

“Welcome to the land of peace.”

I do find Orb to be an interesting nation. They have three major points to their neutrality: we will not attack another nation, we will not allow another nation to attack us, and we will not interfere in the conflicts of others. To enforce these rules and to protect themselves they do have a well-developed and supplied military.

I do draw a lot of comparisons between Gundam Seed and Gundam Wing.  The Sanc Kingdom is a pacifist nation. They have no military. When the Alliance takes issue with them, the Sanc Kingdom has no means to protect itself and is taken over. This sets Milliardo Peacecraft on a path to become Zechs Merquise and to take revenge. But we also have Relena Darlian/Peacecraft going back later on to try and revive it as a pacifist nation state. But eventually there is a problem because when Romefeller attacks those with mobile suits feel compelled to defend the kingdom but that goes against the pacifist ideals that Relena is trying to establish. Her answer is to dissolve the kingdom so that the soldiers fighting have nothing to defend.

An interesting contrast, I think.


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