Gundam Seed Episode 23: War for Two


My favorite episode! *squee!*

But it does make it hard to decide what to write about…

Why is it my favorite?

Mostly the banter between Cagalli and Athrun.

We have another “Guy suddenly realizes that Cagalli is a girl” joke. Athrun just looks so wickedly vicious with his knife and then she screams and he backs down, ties her up, and throws the pieces of her gun into the ocean.

The best conversation comes later.

It’s raining, Cagalli falls into a pool and waves are crashing over her when Athrun moves the shield of the Aegis over her and then he casually walks over.

“Hey there, watcha doin’?”

“Don’t just stand there! Hurry up and help me!”

“I don’t think you’re in any position to tell me what to do.”

“Shut up and give me a hand!”

But they also have a meaningful conversation in the cave about what they’ve suffered because of the conflict. Then Athrun falls asleep. Cagalli takes his gun. They have an intense chat. She throws the loaded gun. It goes off as he tackles her.

“Are you crazy? Throwing a loaded gun?!”


“You’re unbelievable.”

Then they both remember that she’s half naked because her clothes are drying over the fire. Suddenly they’re adorably bashful.

But then they are found by their respective people and rescued.

All the heart-eyed emoji for this one!


2 thoughts on “Gundam Seed Episode 23: War for Two

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  1. This was such a cute encounter in this show. I really enjoyed it as well. Athrun really needed to meet Cagalli and both characters end up so much better because of this encounter.

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    1. They do make each other better people and happier, I think. They know who they are as individuals while also being open to other points of view. And they really grow to care about each other in that cave.

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