Gundam Seed Episode 19: On a Calm Day


Athrun is hanging out in the PLANTS while ZAFT is prepping for Operation Spit Break. He decides to go see Lacus. (They are adorable.) Mostly, they talk about Kira. And before he leaves Athrun kisses Lacus on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Patrick Zala and Siegel Clyne are having a difference of opinion over whether or not Operation Spit Break should even be happening. Siegel is more in favor of trying to work things out without violence. Patrick Zala is clearly not over the death of his wife and he believes very strongly that Coordinators are superior to Naturals. His answer to Waltfeld’s question is: the war will not be over until all Naturals are eliminated.

Siegel Clyne says something interesting, “We did not evolve, Patrick.”



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