Gundam Seed Episode 18: Fangs of the Enemy


Desert Dawn and some of the Archangel crew plus Cagalli go to town to get supplies.

After doing some shopping Kira and Cagalli take a break to eat. Cagalli calls it kebab but it looks more like a gyro to me… Anyway, Cagalli insists that chili sauce is the best. Waltfeld, who is sitting near by, comes over to the table to argue with her about yogurt being the best.

Then a small group of attackers, saying things that Blue Cosmos members tends to say, shoot and Waltfeld as well as Kira and Cagalli. The situation is sad but it is hard to take it seriously with Cagalli covered in yogurt and chili sauce from the table being overturned.


And so Kira and Cagalli get to go to Waltfeld’s house so Cagalli can get cleaned up and wear a fancy dress. Besides that we get to meet Waltfeld’s girlfriend Aisha. She doesn’t get a lot of screen time but she clearly knows and cares about Waltfeld. I like that. And during that last scene they have together I got pretty teary-eyed. But that scene hasn’t come yet.


But there is also the discussion of how a war is won or lost. “How are the winners and losers decided?” The discussion also turns to the specific conflict between Waltfeld and Kira as pilots of mobile suits on opposing sides of the wars. “Is there no other option but for one of us to be destroyed?”

There is also a scene back on board the Archangel with Sai trying to pilot the Strike. He makes it walk a little bit before he is forced to his knees, emotionally and physically.

The balance of humor and emotion in this episode gives it a particular impact. And Waltfeld’s questions aren’t answered but these are questions that Kira and Cagalli will think about going forward.


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