Retro Reread #6: First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks



This is my first Retro Reread pick that I didn’t like rereading as much as I liked reading it the first time. It has been about ten plus years since I read it. This was one of my dad’s favorite fantasy series so I was determined to read it too and I started with this prequel and had no idea what the rest of the series would be like. It was dark and sometimes quite hopeless but I had no idea how it was going to end. Knowing how everything was going to go down already made this hard to reread this month.

The Druid Bremen has confirmed that the renegade Druid Brona is still alive and gearing up to take over the world. Bremen and his friends are determined to stop him from succeeding.

What got me through were the characters Bremen and Mareth. They were both fascinating to me the first time but I was able to understand them better the second time around.


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