Gundam Seed Episode 15: Burning Clouds of Sand


I’m going to focus on something that was different in the remastered version I watched through the Gundam Info channel on YouTube.

The Archangel has arrived on Earth. Cagalli and her friends from Desert Dawn are observing as well as Waltfeld and the ZAFT forces he commands.

Then the Archangel is under attack.

Kira gets up from his bunk leaving Flay, who we can tell is naked under the sheet, to go fight. We can pretty much guess what has happened between them even if we aren’t shown.

In the remastered version we do get blink-and-you-miss-it snippets of Kira flashing back to having sex with Flay while he is battling. This helped me understand his mental state better. I felt like it was important to be shown this emotional conflict inside him. He’s just been through this awful moment with the refugees being blown up right in front of him. He’s also feeling very alone. Then you have Flay comforting him and it takes that extra step to intimacy. Kira’s had a crush on her for a long time. Whether this is their first time having sex at all or not it is still a very emotional thing between them. And she was unofficially with Sai before this.

Keeping all that emotional soup in mind helped me understand why Kira is so angry and aggressive as he launches and as he battles. Having those snippets added more emotional complexity to the scene.


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  1. Its definitely at this point where Kira is really struggling emotionally and unfortunately for him it isn’t going to get any easier. Flay however is a character I truly came to hate for adding the stress of emotional manipulation on top of everything else Kira had to face.

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