Gundam Seed Episode 14: The Respective Solitudes


The first part of this episode is dedicated to reviewing the first few episodes then we get information about George Glenn, the first Coordinator. We also find out about the “Whale Stone” which comes from Jupiter and looks like a whale with wings.

And back to the Archangel trying to go through Earth’s atmosphere. Kira is in the strike but they aren’t entering in the same place so the Archangel has to change its trajectory to save him. So they end up landing in the desert, in the middle of ZAFT territory. Kira has to recover from reentry because his cockpit got really hot. Flay is determined to take care of him and pretty much dumps Sai. Flay also gives Kira back the flower that the little girl gave to him. Then she holds him while he cries. And her face is so evil. More cringing from me and telling Kira to run. He’s so vulnerable and she is so scary.

But we also catch a glimpse of Cagalli and Dacosta and that made me happy. Waltfeld is such a fabulous character so I’m looking forward to his episodes.


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