Just in Time for Dinner

The Random Cafe

The Random Cafe caters to those who have varied tastes at various times of the day.

Every now and then they will serve a special dinner and invitations are highly prized but impossible to receive by asking.

Ben, our antihero, hates these dinners.

But our lady hero, Arabella, loves them.

She’s been officially invited since our antihero accidentally turned her into a rabbit.

This time, she arrives in a rather loud orange dress. Her mother tried to stop her from buying it but Arabella insisted on the purchase because no one else would be wearing this shade. Arabella’s mother was forced to agree.

Ben merely smiles and tips his mask at her.

Random Cafe employees all wear masks at these dinners but they may choose which color they wear. Ben wears black or white.

Arabella merely passes him, pretending he is just another server.

These gestures are expected of both of them. The eyes look away for now.


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