Gundam Seed Episode 11: The Awakening Sword


Kira is on trial but he gets off because he’s a civilian.

Dearka and Yzak plan to attack the Archangel. They are mean to Nicol because he expresses concern about how much time they’ll have.

Athrun and Lacus talk. She notes how unhappy he is and he replies, “I can’t exactly fight a war with a smile on my face.”

Crazy Flay has come out to play. She nearly crushes that little girl’s hand!

Space battle!

And Kira’s Seed activates!

Yzak’s face gets pretty badly injured.

That Seed animation makes me giggle every single time. Even though it tends to happen during these really intense battle sequences. I love the colors and this exploding seed pod thing. I enjoy it.

We learn this later but SEED stands for Superior Evolutionary Element Destined – Factor.


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