Gundam Seed Episode 10: Crossroads


This episode was a little rough. Flay freaks out because she lost her dad. Then she lashes out at Kira in a very hateful way.

But Lacus and Kira talk. They both admit that they both know Athrun. And then Kira decides to return her to ZAFT.

Sai and Miriallia decide to help Kira but they also make him promise to return.

As Kira passes Lacus over to Athrun they talk. Athrun wants him to come to ZAFT but Kira’s friends are still on the Archangel and he has to protect them.

That was so hard to watch.

But as Athrun returns with Lacus to the ZAFT ship Le Creuset launches to attack and Mu launches to counterattack. Lacus doesn’t sit back though. She demands that Le Creuset return and not make this a battlefield. Le Creuset is obviously frustrated but withdraws.

I love Lacus, I think she is a fabulous character.


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