Gundam Seed Episode 9: The Fading Light


Three ships come to escort the Archangel to the rest of the Lunar Fleet. On one of the ships is Flay’s dad.

That’s when Le Creuset’s team attacks again. Flay freaks out and drags Lacus to the bridge threatening to kill her if ZAFT doesn’t back off but her father’s ship explodes right in front of her.

As the situation worsens Badgiruel makes the decision to use Lacus as a bargaining chip and ZAFT backs off.

Athrun gets mad at Kira, “What monsters they are!” And Kira is struggling because he doesn’t even remotely agree with what Badgiruel did. When he tells Mu what he’s feeling, Mu gets a little testy. “We are weak. Therefore, we can’t judge the officers on the bridge.”


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