Gundam Seed Episode 8: The Songstress of the Enemy Forces

lacus with crowd

Two scenes stand out in this episode. Lacus goes to the mess to get food and to hang out with the crew. Kira’s reaction face is pretty funny. But Flay freaks out even though Lacus is being perfectly nice. “You must be nuts! I don’t want any Coordinator acting friendly with me!” And Kira gets pretty upset and he takes Lacus back to her room.

The other scene involves Le Creuset, Athrun, and Athrun’s dad, Patrick Zala. (Patrick Zala is part of the council, the governing body of the PLANTs.) Zala is informing Athrun and Le Creuset that Lacus has gone missing while evaluating whether or not the ruins of Junius 7 would be a good setting for the annual memorial service. Le Creuset and Athrun are being told to rescue her. Athrun seems pretty cynical in this scene. Le Creuset calls him cold in an ironic tone. Athrun goes on to say, “So that I can play the hero who saves her?” Le Creuset’s reply is a little chilling, “Or if we find her dead body, be prepared to cry.”



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