Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Book Review pap jan


Lazlo Strange is an orphan who doesn’t know anything about his parents or where he came from. But he’s been obsessed with a city called Weep since he was five years old. Fifteen years later he is presented with an opportunity to go to Weep but he has to help the Godslayer solve a very big problem that he isn’t telling anyone about until they actually get to Weep. And holy moly is that problem big and complex.

I loved this book.

First, I loved Lazlo right away. He’s a reader and he’s a dreamer. Weep fascinates him and nobody else cares. Then he’s able to fulfill his dream of going to Weep (granted it isn’t as he imagined it but that doesn’t really stop him). I had no trouble rooting for this character.

Second, the problems that affect Weep are really complex and not easily fixed. I felt this gave the novel a lot of power because we see multiple perspectives and reasons for those perspectives. The plot became less simple and less predictable.

Third, that ending scared me but I still want more.



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