Gundam Seed Episode 7: The Scar of Space



The Archangel is running out of supplies. There weren’t able to get any from Artemis because of all the drama that went down. So they look to the debris belt surrounding Earth and Junius 7 (the agricultural PLANT that was nuked) has the largest surface of accumulated ice. Nobody is excited about this but they desperately need water. So the crew folds flowers and releases them into space before they begin their work.

While this is happening, Athrun is reporting what he’s witnessed so far to the governing body of the PLANTs.

Then Kira sees a civilian ship, gutted, and a ZAFT GINN. He has trouble shooting the GINN but eventually does when it is about to blast his friends who are cutting ice. Then he finds a lifepod and brings it back to the ship.

And Lacus Clyne emerges!

I felt like the response to the ruins of Junius 7 was important because most on board were affected by it: Kira, a Coordinator, but also his friends who are Naturals and the officers of the Archangel.


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