Gundam Seed Episode 5: Phase Shift Down


Mostly this is a battle episode. Kira and the Archangel versus the stolen Gundams and Mu versus Le Creuset’s ship.

But we also get a scene where Athrun clamps on to Kira’s machine when it runs out of power and then proceeds to try and take him back to their ship.

“Just let me take you. Otherwise, I’ll have to shoot you.”

This scene was so intense. There’s a battle and then Athrun clamps onto Kira and then Athrun’s comrades yell at him. Kira is able to break free because Mu comes to help. I had all the feels during that scene.

Plus when Kira gets back to the Archangel he freaks out and can’t get out of his mobile suit then Mu has to open the cockpit and help him let go of the controls. He has special abilities but he definitely hasn’t been trained for combat or how to deal with the emotional side of it.


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