Gundam Seed Episode 4: Silent Run


Kira retrieves one of the lifeboats that launched from the collapsing colony Heliopolis. The motor wasn’t working. And it turns out Flay was in it.

I massively dislike Flay. And I will leave it there for now.

The Archangel officers have decided to go to Artemis, a shield protected colony controlled by the Eurasia arm of the Earth Forces.

Mu says to Kira, “You have the ability to make a difference, right? Then put those abilities to use.”

This is Mu talking to Kira about his hesitation to pilot the Strike.

But this is also something that my grandmother tended to say to me every time I didn’t want to sing in public or go to my lessons or choir practice. Totally different stakes but music can have a positive impact on the world. Singing makes me happy and even though my mom sings off key it still makes her happy to do it. And those projects that my teachers spearheaded positively impacted people. I was lucky to be asked to help.

Thoughts on Episode One, Episode Two, and Episode Three.


2 thoughts on “Gundam Seed Episode 4: Silent Run

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  1. Yeah, Flay remains pretty painful but she is kind of necessary.
    I wasn’t a big fan of the logic that just because Kira could pilot it, that he should. He doesn’t know the full political context for the war and other than protecting his friends has no real goal in the greater conflict so getting involved just seems like a really silly idea. However, if he didn’t listen to that logic I guess the story would have ended much faster so off he goes.

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