Gundam Seed Episode 3: Collapsing Land


The Archangel blasts up through the ground…

And things just go to crap after that. Kira and the Archangel are fighting off Athrun and his fellow soldiers. The resulting battle breaks the colony apart.

But before that Mu outs Kira as a Coordinator the crew of the Archangel freaks out. Kira’s friends surround him to protect and defend. Murrue tells the crew to lower their weapons. And then she finds out that she has to be Captain.

I love Kira’s relationship with his friends. It is a reciprocal. He wants to protect them and they want to protect him even though they can’t pilot a Gundam. Also, it doesn’t matter to them that they are Naturals and he’s a Coordinator. But that doesn’t mean their relationships are perfect either. They are still human and young.

Thoughts on Episode One and Episode Two.


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