Gundam Seed Episode 2: Its Name Is Gundam

Kira and Murrue

Kira and Murrue are in the Strike Gundam. She’s trying to pilot it but it’s clear that she barely knows what she’s doing. When Kira takes over the battle starts to go their way. He does have to rewrite the Operating System though saying, “How do they expect to move complex machinery with an OS like this?!”

Mostly he does this because his friends happen to be near where the battle is raging and Murrue clearly doesn’t have the skills to save them.

But Kira wins and Miguel emergency exits his GINN while setting it to self-detonate mode. And then Murrue faints.

We cut to Ensign Badgiruel waking up after the blast near the Archangel. She discovers that their are very few people alive but the Archangel is fine.

Back to Murrue, she wakes up to find that Miriallia is taking care of her while Kuzzy and Tall are messing around with the Gundam which pisses her off and she shoots at them, bosses them around, and gives them the “life is tough speech.”

But the battle isn’t over yet. Mu La Flaga was fighting outside the colony which then leads to fighting inside it. And as Kira is loading new equipment onto the Strike, the Archangel blasts up through the ground to join the battle.

I definitely feel bad for Kira and his friends during this episode. Kira doesn’t want to fight but he has to because if he doesn’t his friends are going to die. Then he and his friends try to take care of Murrue and she gets upset with them and bosses them around. Murrue is in a bit of a crappy situation though too. She needs help and she’s the only military personnel around so she has to rely on these civilian teenagers for help. There is also some hostility because Kira’s friends keep talking about their colony being neutral and how they shouldn’t have to be involved in any of this. Murrue responds with quite a bit of anger. Whether or not you want to be, you are still involved so suck it up buttercup.

But that conclusion with the Archangel blasting up through the ground was pretty intense and impressive.

Also, here are my thoughts on Episode One!


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