Gundam Seed Episode 1: False Peace


I was going to start off with a rewatch of Gundam Wing but then I saw that Gundam Seed was available on the GundamInfo channel again so I bring you my Gundam Seed Rewatch Marathon!

Some background: The main conflict is between the PLANTS and Earth. The PLANTS are space colonies inhabited and governed by Coordinators. Their military arm is ZAFT. Earth is mostly inhabited and governed by the Naturals. The main military arm is called the Earth Forces. Coordinators were genetically modified at birth to be superior. They have a higher potential for physical as well as mental achievement. Also, they are resistant to disease and harsh physical conditions. Conflict began between them for a few complex reasons that can be debated. There were people who had issues with DNA being messed around with at all let alone in unborn fetuses. Also, there was jealousy. Coordinators learn things a lot faster. They do much better in athletics. Naturals just can’t really compete. Also, humans have a notorious problem with getting along with people who are “other.” This caused the Coordinators to isolate themselves for their own protection. But in isolating themselves on these space colonies, they made themselves look like an even bigger threat. The Earth Forces attacked one of the colonies with nukes, destroying it. This became known as the Bloody Valentine tragedy. In response ZAFT sent neutron jammers into Earth’s crust canceling out Earth’s ability to use nuclear power. This caused a lot of problems on Earth because they couldn’t use their nuclear weapons nor their nuclear power plants. So all out war begins.

Orb is the exception. They are a neutral nation with a neutral colony in space called Heliopolis. This is where the story begins…

Kira Yamato, the hero of our tale, lives with his friends and family on Heliopolis. He is the only Coordinator in the group. He lives the average life of a teenager except that he tends to assist their professor a lot with complex programming.

But it turns out that the Earth Forces have been using a secret factory on Heliopolis to develop an advanced ship called the Archangel and new mobile suits called Gundams. When a ZAFT force, led by Le Creuset, finds out they attack the factory and attempt to steal them.

Kira and his friends are at the factory when the attack occurs.

And it turns out that Kira’s best friend from childhood, Athrun Zala, is one of the ZAFT special forces members attacking the colony. They see each other and freak out a little bit. Then Athrun retreats to the Aegis, one of the Gundams, and Kira crouches over an injured Maru Ramius.

This is a pretty action-packed beginning. Also, really emotional and suspenseful. This episode hasn’t fully set out the emotional conflicts that will carry forward but it is a start.

I’m really excited!


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  1. I really enjoy Gundam Seed. I think it probably is the characters that I connect with early on that hold the show together for me but there’s a lot to like in the series. Looking forward to your thoughts on it.

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