I Miss Winter a Little

Snowy streets Enough to play in Enough to dance in But the sun could melt it tomorrow I don't want to resist the urge To twirl around in plaid skirt, navy tights, and red boots Or to taste the spice filled pastries Dusted with powdered sugar And if he places a warm mug in my... Continue Reading →

Gundam Seed Episode 22: Fateful Encounter

I like this episode because it is the prelude to my favorite episode (yay!!!! <3). Athrun, Nicol, Yzak, and Dearka are reunited on Earth. Athrun is put in charge of the team. Cagalli, Mu, and Kira are battling again. The Archangel does a barrel roll. I thought that whole sequence was really cool. Cagalli gets... Continue Reading →

Ice-Cream in Summer

I melt Like ice-cream I don't mean to But the air is hot and so are you I just realized it Your abs aren't defined and your skin isn't waxed smooth No, my dear Your smile and laugh are what drive me happy-crazy

Gundam Seed Episode 19: On a Calm Day

Athrun is hanging out in the PLANTS while ZAFT is prepping for Operation Spit Break. He decides to go see Lacus. (They are adorable.) Mostly, they talk about Kira. And before he leaves Athrun kisses Lacus on the cheek. Meanwhile, Patrick Zala and Siegel Clyne are having a difference of opinion over whether or not... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Mid-Year Faves!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish. This week the theme is the Best Books of 2017 so far! For Young Adult: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor (my thoughts!) For Retro Reread: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (my thoughts!) For Book of the Month Club pick: Chemistry... Continue Reading →

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