Rurouni Kenshin Season 2 Review



I love this season. Absolutely love it. The battles are next level. The psychology is definitely next level. Shishio is an unapologetic villain. My favorite kind. There are so many moments throughout this season that bring me to tears or just pull me in so completely that I forget what else I was doing or thinking about. Even though I’ve seen this show so many times it still has that power over me.

And the art is consistently next level.

My only criticism is that Sojiro’s voice changes in the last episodes we see him in. That is a bit jarring.


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  1. This really is the season that made this series. Even with all the new characters I feel like this is where most of the charm is.

    Soujiro was my favorite character for a long time after this. His concept was so fresh to me at the time I saw this and I couldn’t help but love everything about his character.

    The way this series uses Japanese history as the catalyst for so much of its plot was really great too. Understanding the impact of Perry’s forced landing and the encroachment of western ideals upon pre Bakumatsu Japan was just so much more accessible for me in anime form.

    Funny thing is, Japan’s Meiji government espoused Shihio’s goals of dominance not long after the time this series takes place.

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    1. That is very true. The empire building happened not long after the events in this season. Like you say there was a lot of foreign pressure to conform and also prevalent and destructive imperialism was happening very close to Japan. I’m sure that was something they wanted to prevent from happening to them.
      Sojiro is such an interesting character. He is really complicated plus being talented. He was my favorite of the Juppongatana.

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