Rurouni Kenshin Season 2 Part 3

aoshi sword

There are two moments that stand out to me both of them have to do with Aoshi Shinomori.

Kenshin finishes his training, deals with the Purgatory (with the assistance of Sano and Saito), and comes back to the Aoiya. Okina takes him aside to talk about Aoshi and asks Kenshin to kill him for his own good. But then Kenshin says that Aoshi can be saved and that he will bring him back. Which causes Misao to cry. This is such a poignant moment to me because she had to accept that Aoshi is so far gone that he would nearly kill Okina. She decides to take on being a leader of the Oniwaban group in his place. She’s so strong but she still loves him and wants him to be saved.

This moment comes back when Aoshi and Kenshin have their battle at Shishio’s headquarters. Kenshin and Aoshi are physically fighting but Kenshin is also trying to break through Aoshi’s grief induced insanity. Kenshin brings up the fact that Misao is strong and Aoshi agrees but Kenshin goes on to say that she needs him. She’s sixteen years old and still needs his guidance. This seems to the beginning of the breakthrough.

The psychological aspects of these fights at Shishio’s lair adds a whole other layer of intensity.


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