Rurouni Kenshin S2 Part 2!


In which multiple people get trounced.

Kenshin defeats Senkaku. Shishio exits but leaves Sojiro behind to fight. Unfortunately, Sojiro breaks Kenshin’s reverse-blade sword.

Sanosuke also learns a new fighting technique from a fallen monk he meets in the woods.

But eventually everyone important gets to Kyoto during this part.

Relationships old and new are important as well as the thin line between life and death.

Kenshin has to face why the man-slayer inside him keeps dominating him during battle. And Misao has to deal with an Aoshi who has thrown away his loyalties and emotions.

The most compelling episodes, for me, were the episodes focusing on Kenshin trying to learn the Final Attack. We get pieces of Kenshin’s past (and he gets trounced multiple times by his master). Some of these pieces are funny and others are heartbreaking (I tear up every time, especially because Kenshin tears up too.)

But this part does end on a cliffhanger. I know how it goes but I’m still excited to carry on with the series. There will be lots of battles and emotional scenes ahead.


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