The Silver Metal Lover & Metallic Love by Tanith Lee


The Silver Metal Lover focuses on Jane, a spoiled little rich girl with a domineering mother. Jane is lonely. She has friends but she doesn’t feel close to them. Her mother is her only family and they have a complicated relationship. She also lives in a house that floats above the city.

One day she meets Silver, the robot minstrel. She becomes obsessed with him. As the story progresses she has to decide if she is really in love with a robot and whether or not he can actually love her in return.


I can’t say too much about Metallic Love or I will spoil The Silver Metal Lover. There is a different protagonist, Loren. She grows up in the opposite situation from Jane. She’s an orphan and lives in the slums. Her personality is also different. Loren is independent, sassy. Personally, Jane was easier for me to sympathize with but Loren’s perspective was more entertaining.

I recommend this duology to people who like thought-provoking romance and would like to add science fiction to their lives.


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