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A Snippet of My April Revision Project


As a child, she didn’t know that other people couldn’t see what she did. She had to learn early to protect herself. More often than not, she remained silent when questions were asked. When she reached adolescence, she also flicked her hair. Frustration ensued but it was easier to just change the subject.

Cursor blinking… telling me to continue with my story. But how does one write their own story effectively in third person?

I’m not even a writer. I was a model for a long time. As a child I escaped photoshoots to find ghosts and hidden places but my dear, very dead great grandmother could never keep me away from my adopted mother long enough to suit her (although she did keep me safe on my walkabouts). That was the biggest bomb my great grandmother dropped on me with complete casualness, as if I should’ve known and she was just reminding me of the fact.

Danger on a Runaway Locomotive!


Not going to lie, this is my favorite filler episode in season one.

Kenshin and the gang go on a train ride to Yokohama but things don’t go smoothly. There are some gold coins aboard and there are passengers there to steal them!

I like the art of this episode. It is the same style as the episode with the con-man and the Hishimanji Gang and it works really well for showing the dramatic and subtle movements of the characters. There are a couple little moments that get me all worked up because they look so cool.

I also like how superstitious Sanosuke is. It makes for some great comedy moments between him and Kaoru.


Retro Reread #3: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern



The circus arrives without warning…

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was my March Retro Reread and I loved it even more this time than I did when I first read it five-ish years ago.

One venue, two opponents, but only one of them can win the challenge. But things get pretty complicated.

Sections of the novel are not written in strict chronological order. Reading it for a second time, I already knew the overarching storyline so I could sit back, relax, and enjoy each piece of the novel.

I connected with a few of the characters the first time I read this and was happy to spend time with them again. I loved Celia as soon as she was introduced to me. She was so talented but so sad. I love that she and Marco loved to read and learn. I also loved that Bailey didn’t really know what he wanted to do with his life but he knew that he loved the Night Circus.

I loved exploring the circus in the 2nd person sections as well as Bailey’s sections. The circus is the showpiece of this book and it shines.

Gosh, I love this book.

Top Ten Tuesday: Living authors I want to meet


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and the Bookish. I did a post while they were on hiatus about authors I’d like to meet who also happen to be dead so this post is about living authors I’d like to meet.

One. Erin Morgenstern

I just finished my reread of The Night Circus (I’ll probably do a post tomorrow about that) and I just want to chat with her about the circus.

Two. Melanie Rawn

I don’t know what we’d talk about. Maybe I could just sit in her presence; maybe she’d allow me to give her a hug.

Three. Gail Carriger

We could talk about her books, Victorian things, vintage fashion…

Four. J.K. Rowling

We could talk about Harry Potter but I imagine that there are tons of other things I could listen to her talk about.

Five. Maureen Johnson

I like her books and I think she’s a hilarious human (her tweets make me laugh).

Weekly Pieces: March 27th

Weekly Pieces Spring

April begins this week!

CampNaNoWriMo officially begins. I’m ready but I am so not ready.

I also confess that I am a Spring Break Slacker. I have been to Mexico once in my life and it wasn’t during spring break. Most of my breaks were spent reading and writing, doing homework… And my senior year at a new high school… they actually shortened spring break to a few days instead of the whole week. Riots ensued so the next year they didn’t dare do that again. Our choir was excused for the whole week though because spring break is when they traditionally did their big trip. So I went to San Francisco for the first time that year.

I have two more books to finish before April and they are chunky: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and Black Powder War by Naomi Novik. So we’ll see. I may not sleep that much this week. But who needs sleep, really?

Any fun Spring Break plans? Let me know in the comments below!


The limerence has taken hold.

I felt it creeping up on me

But thought I could get free in time.

As it swallows me,

I stop worrying 

Because I’m not really thinking anymore.


A taste that can stain your clothes

As well as your mouth

But resistance is futile

When these berries are ripe

The Gang Goes to the Circus


I totally forgot to write about this episode… This is one of the fillers that comes before the Raijuta Arc. Basically, I watched it but moved right along to the next episode.


So Marimo is a circus performer. Her father, the ringmaster, shoots her out of a cannon as the finale. But it turns out that they owe money to a rival circus and if they don’t pay up they have to go back to working for this mean circus.

And somehow the Kenshin group ends up putting on a show while Marimo and Yahiko run around trying to save the day.

This is definitely an episode to laugh at. Most of it is pretty ridiculous.

Have you ever been to the circus? What is it like? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Mini Meh Book Reviews


I finished these three within the past few days and I felt a little “meh” when I read the last pages. So I’m lumping them all together in this post!


I read the first book, Rebel of the Sands, last year and liked it so I wanted to see where the story went in this one.

I won’t say too much because Traitor to the Throne is the second book in this series but basically the main characters spend a lot of time in various prisons.

The prose is at the same level as the first one. There are some awkward sentences on every page but they didn’t stop me from continuing to read. I just skipped over the annoying phrases.

The plot was a little repetitive and it seemed to suffer from the second book syndrome. There is one important event that basically sets up the third book. The rest felt superfluous.

But I do still want to read the third book. I still care about Jin and Amani enough to see how their story wraps up.


Burial Rites is based on true events, in Iceland!

Agnes was the last person publicly beheaded in Iceland, this is about the days in between her trial and execution.

The prose was magnificent and the subject matter was interesting.

But it was pretty bleak.


The Queen of Blood gave me Uprooted (by Naomi Novik) and the Black Jewels Series (by Anne Bishop) vibes.

There’s a lot of blood, nature spirits are attacking humans, and there’s only one queen who has the power to protect everyone.

This is a special snowflake story (although the author kind of tries to trick us at first).

I don’t really mind the special snowflake trope if I like the character but I wasn’t really into Daleina.

The prose was okay. Of these three, it is in the middle. It didn’t wow me but it wasn’t annoying.

The plot dragged a little but that’s because we find out about a villainous character right away but the main characters can’t do anything about it until the very end in a big blowout battle thing.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Top Ten Tuesday: Optimal Conditions for a One-Sitting Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish. This week is all about books you can read in one sitting. ¬†Reading speed is relative so I thought I’d list a few optimal conditions.

  • A comfortable chair
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A drink and snacks within easy reach
  • Meals are easily eaten while reading
  • I’m not working that day.
  • I didn’t watch the movie first.
  • It is a plot driven book.
  • I tend to read young adult books faster than adult (and sometimes faster than middle grade).
  • Does the book have lots of pictures? (Middle grade books with lots of pictures are relatively easy to get through.)
  • Instrumental music tends to help my brain focus on the book. Music with words tends to interfere unless the song is really familiar to me.
  • The book has grabbed me and won’t let my brain go (or sleep) until I’m finished with it.

What was the last book you read in one sitting? Let me know in the comments, thanks for stopping by!