The Magical Mystery Muffin

A Random Cafe Story

He didn’t mean to create a magic muffin.

But he did and now he needed to sell it.

Even though he had no idea what it would do to the customer.

Ah, his star customer is here.

She’ll try anything he creates.

Should he present it to her himself?

No, she’d either faint or be suspicious.

He waved over an enthusiastic waitress and observed.

She bit into the sparkly, pink muffin; choked, coughed, took another bite…

In less than a blink, there was a rabbit on the tea table the exact shade of their customer’s dress.

He picked her up gently and petted her. She didn’t run or fight but she did chew on his frilly sleeve.

After a few minutes of this he put her back down on the table and headed back into the kitchen to see if he could make something to change her back.

Then the waitress gasped. He immediately turned back to the table.

As a rabbit, she’d eaten some more of the muffin and changed back.

She sat staring at the muffin and then looked up at him.

They both blushed

And the waitress laughed.


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