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Love Languages


A scrap of writing you left for me to find

And a warm, blanket included, hug…

While looking at the stars,

We don’t have to say a word.



We keep hold

Of mitten-encased hands

As we take in the magic

Of lights on houses and Main Street,

Glowing friendly

And bright.

Six Word Story: Wondrous

My broken heart is now mended.

A Dance, A Touch

A room,

A piano,

Young people fetchingly arranged.

The lovers are deliberately separated by the room, in different groupings, speaking of completely different things.

And then her sister begins to play.

Their first set is not together but they are able to touch briefly. They smile, unable to hide the brief thrill.

Six Word Story: Excess

Her control is slipping, feeling returns.


In the snowy forest,

She bleeds green too far from home

And can’t even see the stars.

Until a little girl came to check on her


She would have told her to run but she had no breath.

Even though the little girl was scared, she refused to give up.

She’d brought her sleigh and she wasn’t going home without the strange woman she’d nicknamed Lily.

Are you human, darling?

Your heart is a machine,

Made up of radio parts.

I can hear it when I lean against your chest.

The flesh is comforting,

But the metal on metal sound

Haunts my dreams.

Runaway, Can’t Run Away


Source: Pinterest

I get a little lost in the cup of tea,

You made for me.

I taste it and remember

The first time I came to this place.

I nearly added my usual cubes of sugar

But the waitress said,

“This was made especially for you. Try it first.”

I was slightly terrified for an instant.

How could someone I’d never met and hadn’t seen know exactly how I take my tea?

I tasted it

And it was bitter as sin.

My lips puckered compulsively.

If my mother had been there she would have rapped my knuckles with her fan

And then probably demanded to see the owner of the shop.

But I was alone.

“That is absolutely disgusting and you tell him so!”

I covered my mouth in shock.

Had those words come out of me?

Yes, yes they had.

And there he was, peering out from the kitchen, smiling.

“Now try this,” he said.

I did

And now I can’t stop myself from coming back to try every new concoction and creation.