Weekly Pieces: May 22nd

I saw my first production of Don Giovanni yesterday! I’m a little conflicted. The music and singing were amazing. The film noir setting worked really well. But they changed the ending. I understand why because the dramatic dragging into Hell doesn’t really work with film noir but the way it went down seemed a little anticlimactic. 

My editing continues. I’ve found another piece I might keep. But I could have been tired from all the red marking I was doing previously. I choose to be optimistic. 

Thank you for reading! Have a great week.

Full Speed Ahead

Is easy to say

But not as easy to maintain

Because his feelings could change

And I won’t be able to slow down in time


When I hear your maniacal laugh 

I suddenly remember that there are darker aspects of you

I know I shouldn’t forget

But it is easy when you use that charming smile and voice

When you open the door for me

So I will try not to forget your darker side this time

Rurouni Kenshin Season 2 Part 3

aoshi sword

There are two moments that stand out to me both of them have to do with Aoshi Shinomori.

Kenshin finishes his training, deals with the Purgatory (with the assistance of Sano and Saito), and comes back to the Aoiya. Okina takes him aside to talk about Aoshi and asks Kenshin to kill him for his own good. But then Kenshin says that Aoshi can be saved and that he will bring him back. Which causes Misao to cry. This is such a poignant moment to me because she had to accept that Aoshi is so far gone that he would nearly kill Okina. She decides to take on being a leader of the Oniwaban group in his place. She’s so strong but she still loves him and wants him to be saved.

This moment comes back when Aoshi and Kenshin have their battle at Shishio’s headquarters. Kenshin and Aoshi are physically fighting but Kenshin is also trying to break through Aoshi’s grief induced insanity. Kenshin brings up the fact that Misao is strong and Aoshi agrees but Kenshin goes on to say that she needs him. She’s sixteen years old and still needs his guidance. This seems to the beginning of the breakthrough.

The psychological aspects of these fights at Shishio’s lair adds a whole other layer of intensity.

The Secret Books of Venus by Tanith Lee


All four books are set in Paradys, an imaginary city based on real life Paris, France. The Book of the Dead has vampires and cross-dressing. The Book of the Beast is my favorite (and if you only read one book in this series, you’ll want to read this one). This book follows demon possession in an old family of Paradys. The demon is awakened in a victim when they have sex for the first time and the demon can be passed to a new victim via sex. Our protagonist happens upon this curse by accident and… gets possessed! Can he be saved? Or will he die passing the demon on to a new victim? The Book of the Dead is a collection of tragic short stories. This one tends to be most readers least favorite and I think that’s because not everyone prefers short stories in general and not all short stories are created equal. I enjoyed a good portion of them but I have to agree that this is my least favorite in the series. The Book of the Mad is kind of hard to summarize. There are two dimensions of Paradys connected by a maze of ice. One dimension is deliberately crazy and the other dimension has crazy people but it isn’t really socially acceptable. At the center is this mysterious uncle who built the ice maze.

This series has some fantastical elements but it is mostly in the gothic horror genre. I recommend this series if you like (or are just in the mood for) the darker, lyrical side of character driven literature.

Top Ten Tuesday: So tell me about your mother…


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s a mom freebie! So I thought I’d write about what my mom likes to read.

First, my mom reads a ton more nonfiction than I do. Her favorite subjects, right now, include: nutrition, psychology, and religion (mostly the history).

Second, my mom reads historical romance written by Christian authors.

Third (combining the two previous), she is obsessed with nonfiction about and historical fiction set during WWII. She mostly watches documentaries but in between she’ll read books.

Fourth, there are subjects that she isn’t into right now but she will probably come back to them. Some of these subjects include: art history, travel, and beauty products.

Fifth, she read the Harry Potter series and she liked it.

Weekly Pieces: May 15th

Weekly Pieces Spring

I continue!

I continue with the editing of my second draft. And I’ve found a few scenes I’d like to keep and improve. A lot of it, so far, is backstory I should know as the writer but the reader probably doesn’t need or want to know all these details.

I continue my rewatch of Rurouni Kenshin Season 2. I love it so much. My part 3 post will be up later this week.

I also continue with my reading.

And this lava cake, made by my cousin, is really yummy.


Bugs and Mirrors


I can’t see the bugs all over my skin when I look in the mirrors.

And I have to ignore the “imaginary” voices when the doctor voices start coming through the speaker box.

There’s a nice girl who tells me not to worry so much about the bugs. They’ll go away when I stop thinking about them. I don’t think she’s real but I still like it when she visits.


Source: Pinterest

He told me to go collect some seashells. When I came back home, he was long gone. 

Rurouni Kenshin S2 Part 2!


In which multiple people get trounced.

Kenshin defeats Senkaku. Shishio exits but leaves Sojiro behind to fight. Unfortunately, Sojiro breaks Kenshin’s reverse-blade sword.

Sanosuke also learns a new fighting technique from a fallen monk he meets in the woods.

But eventually everyone important gets to Kyoto during this part.

Relationships old and new are important as well as the thin line between life and death.

Kenshin has to face why the man-slayer inside him keeps dominating him during battle. And Misao has to deal with an Aoshi who has thrown away his loyalties and emotions.

The most compelling episodes, for me, were the episodes focusing on Kenshin trying to learn the Final Attack. We get pieces of Kenshin’s past (and he gets trounced multiple times by his master). Some of these pieces are funny and others are heartbreaking (I tear up every time, especially because Kenshin tears up too.)

But this part does end on a cliffhanger. I know how it goes but I’m still excited to carry on with the series. There will be lots of battles and emotional scenes ahead.